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Echo Collection Cement Tile Specifications and Engineering Results


Echo Collection concrete tiles have a smooth surface and are typically square or rectangular. The tiles are slightly smaller than the nominal size to allow for grout. For example, the 8" x 8" tiles are actually 7 7/8" x 7 7/8". They are made with cement/concrete, sand and color pigments and then pressed to 2,000 pounds per square inch. The top color layer is approximately 1/8" deep. To learn more about how the Echo Collection tiles are made, watch the short video, Granada Tile Revives the Fine Art of Making Cement Tile.


Echo Tile Collection Specifications


Use: Residential and Commercial


Installation Locations: Interior and Exterior (except in areas subject to freezing) / Floors and Walls


Surface Texture: Smooth


Colors: Please see the Echo Color Palette Box available on the samples page.


Grout: Typical grout joints are 1/16". Non-sanded grout is usually preferred. For more about installing Echo Collection tiles, please read the Installing Cement Tile Section.


ShapeNominal SizeThicknessTiles

per Box

Sq. Feet

per Box

Weight per
Tile in Lbs.
Weight per
Box in Lbs.
Number of
Tiles on Pallet
Total Weight


Square12" x 12"3/4"54.538.0240.082702,235
Square10" x 10"3/4"53.365.6128.063602,090
Square8" x 8"5/8"104.313.0130.066001,874
Rectangle4" x 8"5/8"
Rectangle8" x 12"5/8"53.235.0125.052701,423
Hexagon8" x 8"5/8"
Square6" x 6"5/8"245.811.7040.897201,297
Rectangle6" x 10"5/8"104.042.5125.05300822
Square4" x 4"5/8"404.310.7530.062,4001,874
Trim Pieces
Surfacebullnose4" x 6"5/8"20119.8
Surfacebullnose4" x 8"5/8"201.530
Surfacebullnose4" x 12"5/8"182.240.4
Surfacebullnose6" x 10"5/8"122.529.9
Surfacebullnose (tipo grada)8" x 8"5/8"53.5217.6
Surfacebullnose8" x 8"5/8"103.130.86


The slip resistance of the Echo Collection concrete tiles exceeds the recommended standards for accessible areas. In tests conducted according to ASTM (formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials), Smith-Emery Laboratories concluded that the Static Coefficient of Friction, Abrasion Resistance and Absorption properties of the Echo Collection tiles met or exceeded the standards for use in commercial projects.


With the Echo Collection tile technique, Granada Cement and Concrete Tile can produce and match a wide range of colors. However, because of the nature of the pigments and hand made process used to craft our concrete tiles, some variation in shade or hue may occur. The pigments themselves are light-resistant, but if not properly sealed and maintained, the concrete in the tiles can change color with time and weather. Blue and green pigments are particularly susceptible to fading.


A 50% non-refundable deposit is required for all non-stock and custom orders to begin production. The balance will be paid upon reception of your order. Granada Tile maintains the lawful ownership of all products until they are paid in full. Be sure to read the Terms of Sale before making your purchase.


Warranty Information


Granada Tile will replace or refund the purchase price of any defective tile. However, Granada Tile has no control over and is not responsible for the materials used to install our tile, the method used or the skill of the installer, type of maintenance, usage or amount of traffic. We do not therefore guarantee our tile against chipping, cracking, discoloring, wearing, or scratching once it has been installed. We assume no obligation beyond the purchase price of products supplied by Granada Tile and assume no liability for damages of any kind.

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